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Learning Director's Message

Mammoth Elementary School is a special place. Though I am new this year as the Learning Director, I spent my elementary school years learning in these same hallways and classrooms as the students do now. I grew up in this community and am an alumnae of MES and MHS. I also spent many years teaching here before moving to Mammoth Middle School. To say I am excited to be back is an understatement. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with your students and their teachers. 
This year is a challenging one, to say the least. Our students, teachers and staff are all engaging in learning in a new and innovative way. While change is difficult, it can also be transformational. I believe that our students, parents and teachers have been given a unique opportunity this year to see a different side of things. We are learning to work together in ways we never have before. Though we cannot wait to welcome our Husky Pups back into the building, we also have to understand that safety is our number one priority. Until the day we can be in person again, we are working hard to develop student-centered, collaborative, hands-on virtual learning experiences for all of our students. We believe in high quality teaching and learning at Mammoth Elementary School, and we are setting goals for both student academic achievement and social emotional wellbeing.  We are committed to working with our students and their families this year in order to create positive learning outcomes. 
Please do not hesitate to reach out to our teachers, staff and administration to discuss any questions, concerns or ideas that you may have. We are committed to meeting the needs of our Mammoth Elementary community, encouraging academic success and a lifelong love of learning in all of our students. We know that by working together, we can achieve greatness! 
Thank you,
Michelle McMillian
Mammoth Elementary School
Learning Director