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“What’s for lunch?”

USDA Guidelines Equal Healthy Meals

Trish Qualls, Nutrition Services Director, Culinary Arts Instructor


We have always set our standards high at Mammoth Unified School District. The well-researched correlation between nutrition, health and the ability to learn is a fact. Participation in the breakfast and lunch programs can be as high as 80% of the student body within a site at MUSD per meal. Many of these students are eating two of their three daily meals at school. Providing students with a nutritious meal at both breakfast and lunch becomes essential in creating an environment for our students and schools which creates success. We have an obligation to do the very best we can for our students.


M.U.S.D has always supported the strictest guidelines for student nutrition with standards for calories, fat allowances, key nutrients and vitamins. No fried food is served and no Trans-fat is allowed. Milk served is 0% and 1% fat content. Every meal is analyzed for a specific age group and if it does not meet the requirements is not allowed. Going beyond what is required, the MUSD “Wellness Policy” prohibits food vending machines, the serving of any a la carte items, or allowing food sales in the schools that are not prepared by Nutrition Services. Students are only served a balanced meal. This is a huge commitment to student health.  

 So, what’s for breakfast and lunch?

Breakfast and lunch are served at all sites. Menus can be found on the school website under “students”. Prepayment of ten meals receives a bonus meal. Prepayment is encouraged to expedite the lines at mealtimes and can be done on our online system, "MY SCHOOL BUCKS" " or in person at each site.  A transaction record is available through "MY SCHOOL BUCKS" providing parents the opportunity to find out when and what students are eating.  All parents are encouraged to fill out an application for free or reduced priced meals on the school website through STRATA APPS.  Paper applications are also available at each school office and kitchen if preferred.  Please call 943-8541 X 298 or 246 with any questions.


MHS & MMS- Breakfast $2.25, Lunch $3.50

MES – Breakfast $2.00, Lunch $3.25