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Principal's Message

Dear Mammoth Elementary Husky Pup Family and Community,


I am so excited to share in another amazing year with all of you!


At Mammoth Elementary, we are committed to creating a challenging learning environment that is equitable for all students. Equity for all means that we must focus on each student’s specific needs and fit our educational process to address those needs. We will make sure that students are nurtured and encouraged emotionally. We want our students to feel confident about who they are and open to sharing ideas about what they believe. Through high-quality instruction, focused intervention and positive social and emotional learning, the MES staff and I will encourage the children every day and let them know that they have a special place in our school community.


Student safety is our number one priority at Mammoth Elementary. Our staff will work together to make sure that all students feel safe at our school site. We will encourage students to share any concerns or issues they have. We have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying. We will use proactive disciplinary measures to ensure all students have a great experience at school. As a principal, I will be visible and proactive. I will make sure that problems are addressed, and solutions are found to each problem.


Lastly, I want all the students at Mammoth Elementary to have fun. I, along with our staff, want students to wake up every day and want to come to school. We will continue incentive programs that motivate our students to be successful.  Mammoth Lakes has a very rich diverse community that we can be proud of and build that sense of appreciation for one another.


Warm Regards,

Mr. Healy

Mammoth Elementary Principal